About (English)

A new gallery is opened on 1st of August, 2014.

Called “Gallery Photo/synthesis”.

It is an independent gallery owned by 4 members (Jun Hiraga, Tsutomu Otsuka, Motohiro Goto, Miyako Murata), whose average ages are 55.
The theme of the gallery is “Photograph and Body”.

We exhibit mainly work of photographs, but also exhibit Cross-Cutting works, like photographs and movies, fine arts or performances. Talk shows and workshops will also be held at the gallery, we intend this gallery will become alternative space.

Logo design by Shion Tokita

Gallery Photo/synthesis Manifesto (English)

Photosynthesis: Creating vital things for life caused by lights.

We believe photographs also have such power. We try to make innovative things by synthesizing photographs and other medias (movies, fine arts, performances).
The important thing we recognized anew by 3.11 is “memory and body”.
What triggers people’s memories are photographs in albums washed away by Tsunami, daily snapshots which are taken unintentionally, and scenery of the cities what they used to be in photographs.
How can we now express recordability, which is not too much to say essence of photographs?

What is expression for re-recognizing bodies, which are hidden by civilization constructed by science and technology, and rationalism?
Occurrence like Earthquakes, refuge from Tsunami, fitful aftershocks, life in disaster stricken area, radioactive contamination caused by accident at a nuclear power generation plant, difficulty coming home in big cities when big earthquake occurs, and planned power outage always remind us of these questions.
The theme of the gallery is “Photograph and Body”.
To think about and to express it, not only exhibitions but also performances, talkshows and workshops will be held as a place for Cross-Cutting expressions.

And we also try to find works of creators which are tend to be overlooked, include those of foreign creators.

(Translation by Shusuke Ogawa)